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Standards for Aestheticians Future Education

S.A.F.E is an organisation created by Charlie Battisson to set out standards of practice within the aesthetics training industry to ensure safer practice in this unregulated industry.

S.A.F.E is a national register of accredited practitioners and training providers who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments / training like Dermal Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injections.

Each practitioner or training provider listed on our register has been inspected and meets a certain set of standards enabling them to maintain their membership and advertise on our social media support platforms.

We check

• Identification

• They have the right qualifications to provide safe treatments or train others

• They have the necessary skills to prevent and treat complications

• They buy from UK Chemists

• They have appropriate insurance

• They follow our standards of practice

How to become a member 

Training Provider 


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Public Register

Search for a training provider or practitioner in your area

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Aesthetician Benefits

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T & C's for S.A.F.E

Our website is an online referral service which facilitates you to locate participating cosmetic practitioners or training providers from our register who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments or training.

You will use our site solely as a source of information. Our site does not offer medical advice or similar professional services. If you desire or need such services or advice, or should any medical condition arise or exist, you should consult with a Cosmetic Practitioner, doctor or appropriate qualified professional.

You acknowledge that although we offer all our members free access to complications courses, you engage the listed Cosmetic Practitioners / Training Providers at your own discretion and risk. We set standards of practice for our listed Cosmetic Practitioners / Training Providers but take no responsibility for any contractual relationships between you and the Cosmetic Practitioners / Training Providers or work carried out by Cosmetic Practitioners or Training Providers.

In engaging with your preferred Cosmetic Practitioner / Training Provider you acknowledge that you are entering into a direct contract with a Cosmetic Practitioner / Training Provider and agree that we are neither a party to, nor have any responsibility for this contract or its terms.